Sin Salute is Brisbane’s Big Bisexual Non Binay who is known as the ultimate transgression. This chaos gremlin has four burlesque titles under their belt, they combine sideshow acts like flame swallowing and a camp comedy style to entice audiences everywhere. They’re an immoral act against divine law and sinning never felt so good. A body to be worshipped in a temple as they are the vessel of damnation. Dabbling between two polar edges! They either wow their audience with Sideshow Burlesque or compel them to the floor with laughter from Comedy Burlesque.
2020 Winner of the Appreantease
2020 Runner Up Burlesque Muse 
2022 Mx Burlesque competitor
2022 Brisbane Tattoo Pinup of the Year
2022 New Follies 1stRU